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The top 10 biggest jackpots

The top 10 biggest jackpots

The top 10 biggest jackpots

No matter what a prize money you play, playing in an online casino is enough to let the adrenaline flow, but when it comes to the possibility of winning an ultimate jackpot, the tension is the focus.

If the hunt for the huge jackpot is something for you, then you should try the following casino games . Remember, however, that new games are added permanently and that the jackpots are getting bigger and bigger. Casino games are arranged according to their platform or software. And although many of the games are very similar to each other, each platform offers its own types of mega jackpots that distribute on average about the same price. So if you find a game with a high jackpot on the Playtech Platform like Progressive Blackjack, you’ll find a similar casino game with a high jackpot at CryptoLogic.

Millionaire Genie Slot Machine

One of the most popular venues of all players is the slot machine, especially this. With a progressive jackpot starting at $ 225 million. No one would complain if he or she would win this jackpot without having grown any further.

Mega Moolah automatic game

This is a game that should be known to all the avid online game players. To win the big jackpot, which starts at $ 1,000,000, the player must play with the maximum stake. This slot machine is offered on the Microgaming Platform.

Shopping Spree Geldspielautomat

Although the jackpot is not very high in the beginning, it grows very fast. The jackpot starts at $ 25,000 and is currently priced at $ 1,030,596. And just like a clock ticking, this jackpot continues to grow.

Millionaire’s Club

With an initial sum of $ 175,000, this jackpot reaches the million mark within a very short time. In October 2009, a player won this jackpot and the payout amounted to $ 421,074,006. Not bad for a single spin.

Aladdins lamp $ 5

Another popular choice among the game machine aficionados. Although the starting amount is quite low with $ 15,000, there was a payout of $ 1,118,644.71 in December 2007. The clock is ticking and the jackpot grows and waits for the lucky winner to take it home. This slot machine is located on the Bross Media platform.

Jack in the Box Progressive Jackpot $ 5

This slot machine does not have any bonus games, but an impressive $ 15,000 jackpot. In general, he earns about $ 143,700 on average, but a jackpot of $ 443,861.90 has already been won.

Super Sevens Super Jackpot

A 9-coin slot machine with an initial jackpot of $ 200,000. With a largest known payout of $ 486,369.09 and once a lucky winner in June 2007 cracked a jackpot worth $ 7,031.82,000.

Progressive BlackJack

Although BlackJack is already a very popular game with card players anyway; Experienced and beginners, it is much more lucrative and exciting when the opportunity to win a big jackpot. The CryptoLogic platform has an average jackpot of around $ 135,073. It is known, has already been won nearly $ 208,000. Not bad for a day full of entertainment on the Playtech platform.

Rags to Riches

A CryptoLogic 3 coin slot machine won over $ 100,000.00 with a winner of the 2008 $ 235,868.59.

These are all the top-paying progressive jackpots that can be found in the many major online casinos. They are not in a certain order, however, there is always the chance of a progressive jackpot. In addition, there are always new progressive jackpots that are introduced at regular intervals.

This list gives you a taste of what awaits you the next time after a bit of gambling and entertainment. Under no circumstances is this list complete, as there are many more highly lucrative and exciting progressive jackpots, which are not listed here.

If we have aroused a little interest in you and would like to know what online casinos still offer, then read our test reports on renowned German online casinos .

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