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About Casino Bonus Terms and Payouts

About Casino Bonus Terms and Payouts

About Casino Bonus Terms and Payouts

Online casinos offer your players much more attractive bonuses than land based casinos. Often you’ll see great deals like 200% or 1000 € bonus. But what is really behind it? What do you have to look out for as a player?

Protection against misuse

The bonus programs that online casinos offer are expensive promotion for the casinos. For this reason, online casinos have also developed protection mechanisms that protect you from bonuses that only casinos visit to rob the attractive real money bonuses.
Every casino would like to see, of course, long-term players and not “one-day-flies”.

One of the decisive factors for the payment of a bonus offer is the Wagering , in German also called minimum turnover rate . In addition, it is also important to determine the amount of money involved in wagering. And do all the games count for it?

For example, you can get a 100% to $ 200 bonus in a casino. You would like to deposit $ 50 and would get a 100% bonus to play (a further $ 50). So you have a bank roll of $ 100 available.


In the bonus conditions of the casino it is now written that the minimum wagering rate is 20x. This means that you have to convert the bankroll or bonus 20x to get money paid out.
It is also very important whether the wagering refers only to the bonus or to your entire bankroll.

If the wagering refers to the bonus, this would mean that you have to use 20 times $ 50 (your bonus), that is, 1000 $ total, in order to get your bonus and all the accumulated winnings paid out.
If the wagering is related to your entire bankroll (deposit plus bonus – in our example, $ 50 + $ 50 = $ 100), you would need $ 20 $ 100, $ 2000, before you could get a payout.

If the minimum bid conversion is too high for you, you can also do without a bonus. You get bonuses mostly automatically. Therefore, before making a deposit, simply write to the support team at the casino and tell them you want to do without the bonus. This means that you are not required to have to pay a certain amount at the casino, but you will not get a bonus.

What are the games?

Not all games are included in the conversion of the minimum wagering rate. Assuming you have accepted the bonus offer from our example above and are investing $ 1000 in roulette games, you may experience an unpleasant surprise. You will not be able to withdraw your winnings, even though you have played 20 times the bonus amount.
In this case, roulette does not count towards the minimum wagering rate. The games, which are very often not considered for wagering, are baccarat, SicBo, roulette and craps.

Before visiting a casino, always check the “Terms & Conditions“. If something is not fair to you, go to another casino!

Sticky Bonus

A so-called sticky bonus is a bonus that can not be paid out. You get this bonus to play and when you withdraw winnings, this bonus remains on your player account. This is not negative, since you have so much more money to play and also increase your chances of winning. The casinos are generally more generous with these bonuses, and the wagering is also lower than with the normal bonus offerings.

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